We all are working for the opening of Hotel Aurora Amalfi to make your 2021 Holidays on the Amalfi Coast even more special!

Thursday 22 April 2021 the Hotel Aurora reopens!


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Spring in Amalfi will bring wonderful



The first stop, to understand our history, is the Maritime Republic of Amalfi is to visit the Shipyard Museum where boats were built in the past. Now it hosts a permanent exhibition of the history of Amalfi.

The Regatta of the Maritime Republics which takes place every 4 years on the bay in front of Amalfi you can see a spectacular competition between the ancient boats of the Maritime Republics of Italy – Amalfi, Venice, Pisa and Genoa – and parades in traditional costume.

You can’t miss the visit to the Cathedral of Saint Andrew in Romanesque and Baroque art with the Cloister of Paradise and the Crypt where the relics of Sant’Andrea (the patron of Amalfi) are kept.

The Paper Museum is also well worth a visit, you can discover the last mill used for paper processing. Amalfi Coast had an excellent paper industry thank to the wide number of rivers and brooks.
Paper mills were born on the river banks and the activity closed in the mid 1950’s even if the artisan production of paper still survives thank to masters and artists who keep the technique and tradition alive.

And if the visit to museum thrilled you, we suggest you visit the other mills scattered along the Paper Mill Valley in Amalfi.

Your 2021 Holidays to the Amalfi Coast will be a real discovery of colours, flavours, sounds, sea, art and nature!