Hotel Aurora Amalfi is happy to offer you its private tasting on the Amalfi Coast. For the guests of the hotel and also the external visitors in fact, it is possible to organize a dedicated event at the hotel, for a minimum group of 14 participants, up to 20.

Daniela, the general manager and owner of Hotel Aurora, will be the direct presenter of the event, making it even more special. So what will you be able to enjoy during this tasting on the Amalfi Coast?


A small town in the hills on the way from Amalfi to Naples airport, we leave the sea front and climb 400/500 meters above sea level. We will introduce you to the wine of Gragnano, and the Iovine winery which is the most important producer in this area. The secret of this wine is in the microclimate of the vineyards protected by Mount Faito, the higher mountain in the Naples area, which forms a perfect shield against the winds from the sea. This means that the grapes do not ripen early but remain hard even in the hottest summers. How can you get the fine froth that disappears soon from the glass? The Gragnano wine is in the category of natural sparkling wines. The difference from other ones is the pressure from 1.5 to 3 Bar of this wine called ‘wavy’. The anhydride is due by fermentation and is absolutely natural. The Gragnano wine was produced by monks 1.500 years ago and it was considered a wine with healthy effect ‘you could drink 2 jags and go home completely sober’. Please do not try this here!

Colour and taste: ruby red – it is fragrant with a scent of fruit and herbs.


Marisa Cuomo is the most famous winery on the Amalfi Coast. This is a fine example of viticulture in this area. It is located in Furore about 8km from Amalfi towards the north and 500 meters above sea level. Furore is one of the villages hanging at the top of the rocks overlooking the sea. It is a village no-village, it has no central square but stretches of land perched on the rock. The vineyard extends along the sides of the mountain for 10 hectares, which would not be sufficient, but the production is guaranteed by 60 small winemakers all in the same area. The vines are all pre Phylloxera. Phylloxera was a terrible insect that infested entire areas of Europe, it was called the incurable disease of the vineyards because it attacked the roots. It took ages to eradicate mainly by grafting American vines that were very resistant to calcareous soil.The vines of the Amalfi coast survived the phylloxera and they have not been grafted thanks to the volcanic soil and a combination of microclimate and natural predators. The wines of Cantina Marisa Cuomo age in an old wine cellar dug into the rock. Amalfi Coast White Doc Tasting Falanghina 60% and 40% biancolella. Steel and glass for aging.

Colour and taste : Golden yellow in the glass. Fruity and floral. Immediately fresh and sapid taste


Located in Tramonti, 15 km inland from Amalfi at 600 meters above sea level. The climate is different, a bit cooler and windier because the sea is further away. They have also pre-phylloxera vines with secular plants that look like mangroves. The land on which the Tramonti vine is cultivated is very precarious and sloping, so it is necessary to provide to make suitable farming because they cannot use mechanic equipment. So they utilize the old “pergola tramontina” system, which also has the advantage of being able to use the land below for growing vegetables.

Village of Gete. Grapes: tintore. Fermentation and maturation: steel and wood.

Colour and taste: inked ruby red. Fruity aroma of black currant, blueberry and plum. You can feel the tannins but very soft.


A special chapter is the history of Ravello wine, started after the Unification of Italy (1848) when the fanatic group of romantics came up by donkey from Amalfi for the wine, which today we would not consider drinkable for sure. In any case, the aristocratic customers loved the grape juice and when they went back home to keep the memories of their love and the sea asked to send large deliveries. So the bottles of wine were shipped with the lemons from the nearby port of Maiori. Today Ettore Sammarco keeps alive the tradition of Ravello wines. The cellar and production are on the road from Amalfi up to Ravello. The vines are located at 400 metres above sea level.

And finally…..cheers!

In this tasting on the Amalfi Coast, together with the wines, you will be able to enjoy also some local products that you can hardly find in normal shops. We will have for example dairy products from Agerola, fiordilatte, provola affumicata, caciocavallo, provolone del Monaco… Or also “taralli and freselle” hard rye grainy bread, served with oil, tomatoes, oregano, garlic and salted anchovies.


To organise your private wine and local products tasting on the Amalfi Coast, get in contact now, we will be happy to assist with any specific request.

* Cost per person is 25 euros