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Amalfi Coast by Kayak: guided excursion

Do you love adventures and sport?

The Amalfi Coast on the water or hanging in the air

Kayaking is perhaps the most original way to explore the wonderful Amalfi Coast from a different point of view immersed on the water in the blue sea. On board modern sea kayaks and paddling along the coast you will discover hidden beauties and breathtaking views, with the support and guide of an excellent team of local instructors from the Italian Canoe and Kayak Federation. A kind of eco-sustainable tourism that respects the environment and allows you to come into direct contact with the sea, the main resource of our country for sport and fun.

After having touched the sea do you need to touch the air it is time to have a truly adrenaline experience: flying above the Fiordo di Furore hanging a Zip-line that connects Furore to Conca dei Marini. It is possible to make an Angel Flight overlooking the fjord of Furore considered one of the most enchanted places in the Campania area. Ready to gradually slip towards the sea with only the force of gravity in complete safety, among the rocks and a panorama that will remain in your memory forever?