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Must-see places and activities on Amalfi Coast

Experiences in Amalfi

Curiosities, experiences to try, tastes, flavours of the Amalfi Coast,
to experience it like a local!

The Amalfi Coast is the ideal place for many outdoor activities, a great benefit that we all desire today feeling free and breathing deeply the beauty of the place.

Our busy lives do not allow us any spare time to take care of ourselves, always in a hurry to count down the minutes, we live most of our days in closed places and even more we have been forced to do that in the recent times.

For that we want to suggest outdoor activities on the Amalfi Coast, because the Amalfi Coast combines natural well-being, physical activity, fun, culture and relax.

Whether you are professional sportsman or simply a sport- lover and you believe that body and mind need open space to breathe and to feel free that is the outdoor guide to discover Amalfi coast between physical and mental well-being!

Sea and beaches
Myths and legends