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The miracle of manna in Amalfi

The manna or oil of the saints

From the relics of Saint Andrew a gift that is renewed

In the crypt of the Amalfi Cathedral dedicated to St. Andrew in the urn where the relics of his skull are kept, the miracle of manna is renewed several times a year, a gelatinous liquid envelops and often fills the glass connected to the relics. The Bishop or the priest on the day before the saint's feast shows the glass to believers gathered in prayer. Sometimes it happens that the glass is empty and the whisper of sorrow pervades the crypt because it is considered a dark prediction, it means difficulty quite the opposite when the instead glass overflows with liquid the happiness goes over the walls of the church because it means abundance, wealth and well-being. The manna is there, proclaims the bishop, but no one listens to him anymore and in the notes of the Te Deum it is a celebration!

The phenomenon of manna occurred in Patras on the saint's tomb and in Constantinople and when the remains were moved and in other places. For the Church it is evident that they are not phenomena limited to the religious reality of Amalfi, but are instead linked to the relics of St. Andrew because the phenomenon takes place wherever the relics are kept. In Rome, in the index of relics of the Vatican Basilica, in the 18th reliquary, in one of the 15 crystal glass there is the indication Mannae S. Andreae ap.

The Manna is collected on the main liturgical celebrations: June 26 and November 29, the eve of the feast of the Saint; On 7 December, the eve of the Immaculate Conception, on 28 January the anniversary of the discovery of the relic of the skull.

When the manna is found, every Amalfi citizen goes to the sacristy the day after and collects a sachet with the image of the Saint inside there is a piece of cotton wool with a drop of the holy oil on it and the Amalfi people keeps it in a drawer so that St. Andrea protects the house and those who live there. And thus the miracle of manna is repeated every day through the faith of its inhabitants.

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